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portion of our report with four questions and concerned. the first is in keeping with the fact that we're trying to find and repute more b cc members we often have trouble even defining to the public who we are as we're trying to recruit people. he want to know what the board of education plans are to promote the b cc as you're looking to help us be a positive part of the team working with english language are learners along with pack we want to them to know how the promotion of the b cc as well as the teaching to continue to promote the b cc. i know we're on the we are talking about and posting our agenda and what else can we do
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it promote the b cc. we'd a lot of the board members to come and some folks have come and we've changed our meetings so i think there was a conflict with one thought i think it was one of your subcommittee meetings and we can be flexible and is if there's another conflict while try to resolve those. we courage the b o e commissioners to regularly check in with our appointees. but it would be great if you regularly check in with the people you've appointed to keep a finger other than the pulse of the b cc. number 2 we instructional with timely translations.
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it's our right and responsibility to ask for translations as better can be asking for translations for our own members. we want to continue to exercise the right of translations and we're trying to be concerned about perhaps there's a need for - we're concerned about the workload and we're going to have those folks come and talk about how they, better do their job. we want to highlight the san francisco website was not updated for spanish and this has had a big impact on our engagement there's 13 drop down
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memos and all 13 were in english and 13 were translated into china's and only 6 were in spanish and it's important because this is the enrollment period right now. we were told the response back was that all those who were not translated we're taking them do you now we only have 7 enrollment and hopefully, we'll have 13 but this is impacting our family engagement. this is one example of how the work of the translation department if they've over worked or understaffed and unable to get something as important to the districts family engagement piece as enrollment that's concerning to
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us. and 3 this is a question to the b cc staff do you receive many training a question that had come up and part of the counseling practice for the families it is - includes giving the program guide and a mentioning the multiple communities to them. we know it's given to families by there can be a highlight. i know from my work from a preschools director one of the first parts people are told about take. we want to know when the b cc is giving consulting the way they engage can be highlighted. and number 4 we continue to ask
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the ap c educational replacement center we're in a trajectory to close the programs. we need to understand programs are having accurate access and this end our portion of the report we'll take any comments or questions or suggestions >> thank you. commissioner fewer than other commissioners >> yes. thank you for your report and i'd like to ask a couple of questions just about some of the things. first >> tracy: 42 thank you for bringing to our attention the lack of translation. and then i have a question on
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number 4 improved communication with the families. in this observation report and you have recommendations; right? >> yeah, so i think you number 4 is one of the things you've highlighted about improved communication with the e l families and i'm looking at this and wondering that you mention in our report that the parents and the e l experience the members who never attended the meeting they found the meeting to be unorganized and apparent information lacking. so i'm wondering why do you think that is. why do you think that you're
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hearing an observation that the meeting are unorganized and unfocused? >> well like we said we 9 and note that we saw a rage in the limited museum of observations we were able to do with or it's a small committee and it's interesting to us we heard and went to many schools we had a rage. people felt really encoder k empowered and excited but if all fairness like the report when we heard they found delax that the communities found that the delake meetings to be disordering or to be - and i see - >> are those meetings failed by
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staff? i believe they are and they meet as often as the bbc? >> i imagine that they do. yeah. and a only english and spanish they call the parents no chinese >> so we don't have any chinese recommendation. >> no, i'm chinese parents. >> on the delake. >> but they call the china's parents. >> so there's no outreach for the chinese parents to attend the delake meetings and a yes. >> can i. i think wore the bbc i think the district can answer the
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questions. we didn't attend as the bbc delake >> i'm only asking because you referenced it in your report. it comes to my attention i'm wondering you approved parents communication if i see and you also plan more inservice programs to understand their rights so i'm looking so you don't have a recommendation on how to strengthen the d lake center district isn't that correct >> that's correct we probably should put one in. and we'd be happy to amend our report because it says in our report that the experience of some families going to delake is that it was disorganized. our role is to go and observe
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and report back >> sure i think the only reason i'm asking is because i'm wondering is interest a need for both committees the bilingual council could those committees be combined and therefore strengthen the delake while offering diversity and your sharing your knowledge. it's a parents advocate parents are part of the delake; right? >> i don't know if the - if teachers can be part - can teachers be part of delake. >> just a couple points of clarification it's the adversities council the only requirement is 51 percent of the
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members needs to be parents. it's an elected bodies of the potential of including other members that are e l advocates is possible. also the delake is facilitated and the chief oh, there are cindy choi air-conditioned and others who sit and there's parents chinese speaking parents that sit on the delake and i wonder if they have the same issues around translation provided at the meeting >> i think i'd like to ask a question. we are not the question is now we're spotted to merge with the delake that's not a question we can answer
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>> perhaps i misspoke i never applied that i was only wondering about it. you bring up some of those concerns from your report my natural reaction is should we have two or one. i'm not bringing that forward and i don't believe i ever said that are i'm just questioning and whether or not i'm justrd our report and a thinking that it's data you get could also be shared with the delake and those are both committees that actually empathize a lot of he parents and now we hear that the educators can be brought to the table too. i'm wondering if it would strengthen the delake and also you talked about your concerns
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about the members being appointed by next august. maybe it would reach tout out to the delake. i think those are two committees we want to see that are strong and a represent our voice of english learners. so i think when i read a report like this you said there were only 5 members there and delake could be lacking los also in strength. i'm concerned they're not up to the full advocates for our students. this is where i come from. i'm not suggesting it only requesting that. it came to mind >> sorry i'm so special because i'm charged with data over 6 years. so i'm not sure i will
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understand all but delake is a long-term problem because the families are from the elementary school school it's me. and those 92 no new face coming. and another problem is the bbc person. it's a lot of information go back to school talk to the parents and for the policy what do you do and a talking for your school the parents. and b cc would catch up with the school and we part for the - for the b cc member we report what is going good for everything. and it's really different in two groups. the member is for the school for
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the member coming and b cc is before job and then same job is for the student and parents >> initialing i know this is a question to go back to the state of california for delake their state mandated and the other is mandate under the low plan. you have to talk about this with the lawyers and who's going to be overseeing the delos angeles and the b cc >> again, it was just a question. i'm not saying we need to combine the two only a question in response to your report. i have also - i mean, i'm
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wondering under your remedies - >> commissioner fewer i think it's a good suggestion and we actually on both committees have talked about meeting once a year and sharing information because we get information from parents at different school sites and they have commonality in relationships. we're looking for a way to structure it >> i think since the b cc has a lot of data and i'm hoping you get current and updated information. i don't believe that all the defendant lake and aclu the parents understand the data. and your concern about the immersion and i don't believe their fully knowledgeable about it i feel your body gets much
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more data and i see that i was surprised to see that wasn't one of our recommendations. that the b cc i hope would recommend for academic current information be provided to the delake. i hope that information would trickle down through the delake. i think the parents would get the information and how our folks are performing in each category and also program >> i think it depends upon on the elections are at the school site but the focus needs to be continuing on the academics but people are making to mostly just
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to give you an example. i feel when it first started we've definitely progressed but some of the data that needs to go to the e lake process those happened through elections. that happens between the departments. >> that modeling to the elation is a good model. and which data is ask for awhile i'm fond of to malls it's not what e lake should be doing >> exactly the problem is s in some schools they've been reduced for that. even though we push back and say this is the data you need on attention on the school and e l levels we push back but the
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school site pushes back on the to malls so it's not they not questioned the information >> it's not on the e lake on the parents the on and on us is on the educator the educational leader at that school unless i'm mistaken. >> can i. finish your sentence. i think you have asked a really good question but i wonder if it's getting us far awefield from the b cc report. i'm wondering if we can unpack this idea and i think it's at the rules committee >> sorry i think i'm throwing a lot your way. >> president norton it's the
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fofrmgs around our e lakes and how our educational leaders are supporting it. do our educational leaders have the knowledge to actually form a strong e lake and we depend upon our principles to be the ones to encourage the e lake and the encouragement of questions. it's not to make to malls and, of course, it's delicious but let's get real here. so that should be riverside to the curriculum committee. so regardless of our rules whether or not it's legal to combine the department i think the main topic here or issue s here is that we are seeing a lack of real painter engagement consistently at school site and
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we're seeing a lack of parents voices at our school sites. so commissioner norton, president i think that perhaps we should refer this to the curriculum meeting >> i think it's a great idea i think we wholeheartedly need more parents involvement how that has impacted our work and we're interested to hear whatever we're interested to hear e l families voices those people to be appointed in whatever way ambassador our number one priority is that the
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e l families are recommend and enforced arrest they've done over the years and we continue to see this as a change of how we're formed and have concerned us. it's great to hear from commissioner fewer that there is a real concern that we want the e l families to continue to have a voice and we want that community to be strong so any discussions that you have we hope to be part of those and look forward to hearing how this is going to i understand up >> just one last thing. i think it's important that we have the parents liaisons at the school sites for a long time now. there's symshould be a
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functioning e lake at every school if not that warrants an investigation >> one last thing. and sandy fewer you take the minute for the b cc and for the academic and let me finish what school is for the good and held for the e l student and they'll take a minute if good school for the minute. this time we'll ask you for the school name okay. other one and concern for the e l parents and student. audits b cc take the job different for the data i try again say where the difference?
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for the by law i forgot how many schools many schools are trying to get the b cc and fourteen members here otherwise and for the oh, come on and for the b cc the job for me, i'm first time coming to understand learning and different for the - it's easy to put together and i'll try again for the english parents not easy job. and f e time you have the meeting >> so we're going to talk about this at committee i think you had a question. >> you know i appreciate that we've wanted to refer this to
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the a committee for deeper conversation. i want to say unfortunately and a particularly to this nobody shows up here. it happens time and time again so if we're going to refer this to a committee that we have it out in the community out in the community where it's easily accessible for families to get to. i know they don't show up for something like this. if we take it off from a regular meeting where it's televised i want to be able to have the community access this so i'm asking president norton will you help us to get this out into the community but let's have a deep
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conversation with a community. so well-taken. i want to remind the board we've had conversations about how we want to have the contestants where it's a little bit less formal and people feel more comfortable. it's a little bit hard for the board leadership to understand which way do we want to we want the discussions with the committee or here. >> i have a question aren't the meetings open to the public? >> yes. >> so you want to have if in a place that people come to. >> what's been suggested where we can have a deep contestants you're in presentation mode. we don't have this black or white conversation during a
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presentation that is at a testify visions meeting. we want to have it at community meetings but unfortunately people don't show up and we end up talking to ourselves. while i appreciate that >> i'll be there. >> but we want to make it. >> it's been (multiple voices). >> and the rest of the families that need this information. i appreciate our indulgence. i want to thank the committee i'll bvr been operating under challenges. i want to correct in the report the name of my awe point he.
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i'm chair the curriculum committee. i know there are a number of issues that are raised tonight because of the report not only the delake issue but also how members p are appointed. it's a rules committee issue. i'm going to close it and go to a committee of the whole. their mapped out and the faufkz are set but we can have - there's two separate issues one of them for the structure of the competency and non-mandated committees and donates an issue we've been discussing a lot. in the rules committee we've asked a continuance agenda item it's complex.
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it's not that we have any interest in saying this is what you guys have and there has to be more of a black or white. and it should be in the rules committee and that specific issue about elation and training and whether or not the schools have the training they need to support of e lake and the comparison of e lake and delake we'll have to take those two issues separately. i want to raise one related issue. some of us received communication from our chinese taverns about the lack of chinese representation. it's an issue in terms of members. i feel this is a bigger issue
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than the curriculum. i feel liquor maybe it's under oath educational issues. i have to say the curriculum committee has mapped out the curriculum. it does touch a lot of what's going on. finally, i wanted to offer a resource for translation so i'm the liaison for the san francisco fund a we have volunteer interpreters that are available to meetings and i encourage you to get in touch with the san francisco education fund. >> thank you. i'm sorry i have to say i've had a hard time hearing but i'm happy we want to take this i

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